Anxious mom in pile of laundry and toys transitions to cool, calm mom in laundry and toys but feeling like in the spa with towel, robe, and cucumbers on eyes

“How is everything?”

A seemingly simple question loaded with anxiety-inducing overwhelm for many new moms. It feels easier to brush it under the rug…to not burden anyone else with my stress bubbling up under the surface…they wouldn’t understand how overwhelmed I feel, so instead I reply with:

“Great, thanks, how ‘bout you?”

Now I can half-listen to her answer while my mind continues to spiral on the never-ending logistics of our family life…

Momxiety is a real thing for every new parent, and when you add a chronic illness, food allergy or other challenging circumstances it can become downright isolating.

  • Who can I talk to?
  • Where can I get my questions answered?
  • Where can I vent and not feel like a terrible person?
  • What is it going to take to make me feel like ME again?

I’m Tori, founder of the Momxiety Club and Momxiety Club Podcast—I’m here to be that support you need. And, yes, I do say “need” very intentionally there.

It’s a value-packed membership that includes more than $3,400 worth of specialized pre/postnatal videos, live group workouts and support sessions, and more for only $29 a month! And, because we care, a portion of your first month’s membership fee is donated to Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.

Are you ready to be the less-stressed mom you dreamed you could be? Are you ready to be the best you so you can provide support for yourself and your family? Are you ready to get the tools to take care of you and ditch all the Momxiety?

Available Products

Sneeze Proof Your Pelvic Floor™

Quick and easy exercises you can do anywhere to get your core and pelvic floor back in shape no matter how long ago you had your baby.

Ultimate Momxiety Relief Package

Find 1:1 and group emotional and physical support for the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm that comes along with motherhood.

Momxiety Club Membership

A place to find support (both emotional and physical) for the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm that comes along with motherhood (AND a place to share in the joys of those little ones as well). 

No long term commitment - cancel at any time.

Momxiety VENT Session

Sometimes you need to get it out but you don't know who to talk to.
Enter the Momxiety VENT Session. Here to listen, so you can clear your mind, regain control of your thoughts, and get back to being the great mom you are!

30 min Pre/Postnatal Training

30 minutes focused on the areas you want to work on.  You will walk away from this session with key exercises to use while at home or on the go to strengthen your core and pelvic floor and keep you active and ready to go with baby.

FREE Resources

Access ALL the FREE downloads and resources available from Mommy Barre® & Momxiety Club™!

Playful Movement Hour

You and your child will move together - so you can relieve some momxiety and your littles can release some energy before engaging in a fun developmental sensory activity.

You'll calm your momxiety with Tori from @momxietyclub, have fun and move together, and engage in a fun sensory activity together with pediatric occupational therapist, Lauren from @kidabletherapy.

*This is the recording of a previous LIVE Virtual Event.

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